The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are words or multi-word phrases that help users easily search Instagram posts or stories on a diverse range of topics. Hashtags give users and brands a chance to engage new followers or potential customers with their Instagram account for free. Read the tips below on how to use hashtags efficiently.


If your Instagram has constant rubrics, come up with unique hashtags for it and tag new and previously published posts. Please remember that unique hashtags facilitate Instagram profile navigation, allowing followers to follow just some of your hashtags instead of following the whole account. This customizability allows for greater overall engagement.


Plan hashtag collections for your Instagram in advance in our app. Add a list of prepared hashtags right into the comment under the post, and the comment will appear immediately after the post is published. Hashtags should not be included within captions, as this method may link followers to other posts with the same hashtags, taking them away from your post and profile.


Add from one to ten invisible hashtags to stories. You can make hashtags invisible by making them the same color as the story’s background to avoid distracting from the main message. It’s better to use high-frequency hashtags in stories because this raises the chance of engaging new followers.


Add unique rubrics hashtags to your highlights stories. These hashtags are essential to help followers easily navigate your Instagram profile.


Analyze what a potential client might type into the search bar when looking for your product or service. Create multiple hashtag collections within the Content Office app and keep them in order by creating folders to organize your workspace.


Collect hashtags that are related to your profile topic.  Write down a definition of your product, project, or service. For example, #wallet #smm #illustrations. Moreover, note the uniqueness of the product; for example: #leatherwallet#smm_manager #watercolor_illustrations. Don’t forget to describe the product category: #leatheraccessories#instagram_manager #minimalistic_illustrations.


Define location. For example: #londonsmm #amsterdamwallet #paris_illustrator.


Create a collection with some unique community hashtags related to your profile topic. Communities will sometimes re-publish and boost your post if you tag them.