The Filling in Profile Bio Checklist

On Instagram, the first impression is really important too. You have only 10 seconds to make a statement. The first thing that draws the eye of a visitor to your profile is the profile bio. If the information there proves good enough for a person to follow you, they will stay. Otherwise, they will go on with their search.


Fill your profile information to reflect your niche, values, and customer benefits. This is the first thing followers will see when they visit your page. In Content Office, you can immediately create several designs for your profile bio: add linebreaks, additional symbols, and + 100 Ready-to-Copy bio templates. Moreover, now you can quickly plan Instagram Highlight covers - add Highlight album names, edit, replace and rearrange covers. 


Plan and preview your main profile photo: open the Office tab → Profile Bio → Upload the main photo. Profile photo should reflect the things you do and be in line with the style of your account. Make this picture memorable! If you run a depersonalized profile for a brand, you don’t have too many options here – use the company’s logo. Use a portrait photo to run a personal blog or a blog for the company’s owner. For those who sell goods or services, it’s better to have something associated with the product in the picture.


The first line include your name and keywords that describe your brand, activity, or profile. So you can be easily found through Instagram searches. Think about what your potential follower will write in the search bar. If you work offline - add your city. This line is character limited. Therefore, don’t add unnecessary emoticons – people will not find you by them.


The ‹About Me› field contains a limited number of characters with spaces and emoji. An automatic character count is available when filling out the profile bio using the Content Office app. So you won’t exceed the allowed maximum. Fill in profile information based on + 100 ready-to-copy bio templates, and add paragraphs, emoticons, as well as additional characters.


• Tell about your profile and how you can share benefits with the client in the ‹About me› field. Let your followers know what the advantages of following your account are. If you conduct giveaways of your services or goods, make sure to include that also. If you share complete information that your competitors don’t possess – also state it immediately. For example, in the profile bio for a cosmetician, you can write:  ‘Sharing beauty tips on a budget that saves you money. Save drafts in the Content Office app to choose the best one later and publish it right from the app.
• Highlight secondary information. Add additional information to the profile to highlight to followers. For example, opening hours, delivery, contacts, location, or branded hashtag with reviews/portfolio.
• Make an enticing call to action. Make an enticing call to action, and explain what it will get your follower by clicking on the link. You can write call-to-action based on ready-to-cope captions. Open a post → Tap the ‹Text› button on your keyboard → Call-to-action.


In particular fields for contact information, give your e-mail address, phone number, and street address if your company has an offline office. Share an active link to your website/blog/other social networks. With the help of services that allow you to share multiple links, add direct links to all your messaging apps.


Imagine that symbols and emojis are illustrations that can tell more than a simple text would. Use meaningful symbols and emojis to add significance and trigger exact associations, not the opposite. Highlight important information - use punctuation marks, arrow symbols, unusual letters, and digits. In Content Office, you can add paragraphs, emoticons, characters and preview what the profile bio will look like, before publishing it.


Now you can plan Highlight covers incredibly quickly. Create a new Highlight album, add a name, change covers, and rearrange albums order. Use the Preview feature to see the overall combination of Highlights with bio and feed.