The Filling in Profile Bio Checklist

On Instagram, the first impression is really important too. You have only 10 seconds to make a statement. The first thing that draws the eye of a visitor to your profile is the profile bio. If the information there proves good enough for a person to follow you, they will stay. Otherwise, they will go on with their search.


Upload the main photograph. Profile’s photo must reflect the things you do and be in line with the style of your account. Make this picture memorable! If you run a depersonalized profile for a brand, you don’t have too many options here – use the company’s logo. If you run a personal blog or a blog for the company’s owner use a portrait photo. For those who run a personal profile and sell goods or services, it’s better to have in the picture something that is being associated with the product. 


The first line is the name of the profile. Include keywords by which users will be able to find you through the search on Instagram. For example, a cosmetician, clothing store, travel. If you work offline – include the city as well. This line is limited to 30 symbols, including spaces. So, don’t add unnecessary emoticons – people are not going to find you by emoticons.


In the ‹About me› field, tell about your profile and how you can be of benefit to the client. Let them know what are the advantages of following your account. If you conduct giveaways of your services or goods, make sure to include that also. If you share exclusive information that your competitors don’t possess – also state it right away. For example, in the profile bio for a cosmetician, you can write: ‘Sharing beauty tips on a budget that save you money’. Save drafts in the Content Office app to choose the best one later and publish it right from the app.


The ‹About me› field is limited to 150 symbols max, including spaces and emoticons, so, try to describe your unique selling proposition as concisely as possible. Don’t use the same words twice or duplicate phone numbers in the description box – leave it for the important stuff.


Imagine that symbols and emojis are illustrations that are able to tell more than a simple text would. Use meaningful symbols and emojis so that they add significance and trigger exact associations and not the opposite.


Put the emphasis on important information. Use punctuation marks, arrow symbols, unusual letters, and digits. In Content Office you can add paragraphs, emoticons, special characters, and preview and evaluate what the profile bio is going to look like, before publishing it.


In special fields for contact information, give your e-mail address, phone number, and street address if your company has an offline office.


Share an active link to your website/blog/other social network. With the help of services that allow you to share multiple links, add direct links to all your messaging apps.


Get inspired by the bright exemplary designs of the profile bio in Content Office. Open ‹Guide› →  ‹Visual› → ‹Profilebio› and see visual examples to train your eye or to find interesting ideas for your own blog.