10 lifehacks: how to save time and money on Instagram promotion campaigns

If you just begin to plan your budget for promotion on Instagram, in addition to advertisement your expenses will also include the services of specialists and the cost of other additional services. On Instagram, you have to constantly produce content because only unique content can grab the audience and make them stay. The promotional expenses come up to quite a high amount but with the Content Office app, you can save a portion of those expenses with ease and simplicity.


In Content Office you can manage several projects at once and invite several people to each of them. Every invited member has free access to the project. If you promote a business, invite your client to the project so they can control the work progress and make corrections in a timely manner. Use the progress status for a post or story to monitor the progress of content preparation and manage deadlines.


You don’t have to order the creation of visual feed from a designer. You can do it yourself: find incredible combinations of images and drag & drop photos in the feed with a single touch. If you don’t have enough theoretical basis, study the practical guides on creating a cohesive style. To train your visual tastes, view the visual examples of Instagram design in the ‹Visual› tab.


Each day businesses on Instagram receive a large number of comments and private messages from their clients and oftentimes they ask repetitive questions. Save time on answering those by creating answer templates for frequently asked questions in the Content Office app and quickly send them as a commentary or private message.


There is no need to pay to a social media manager for selecting hashtags for you. Study our step-by-step guides on how to effectively use this free promotion method and create a few hashtag groups on your own, ones that will help you promote your Instagram profile. Add finished tag collections right to the commentary section under your post and publish it to Instagram.


There is no need for you to order somebody to write the profile bio for you. Study our Guide on how to skillfully fill your profile bio, draw inspiration from the visual examples in the ‹Visual› tab and create a few different versions of your profile bio on your own in our editor: Open ‹Office› → ‹Profile bio›. Save all the templates and test different versions on a regular basis.


Why does one have to create a new design for posts every time? Create several design templates for posts in advance and use them repeatedly. Properly structure the text by separating it into sections, the headline, the main part, and caption. Let the design of your text in the post be the continuation of your signature style: add pretty-looking symbols and emojis.


The trend of 2020 is quality, not quantity and that means that you can now decrease the volume of content and prepare a few quality posts for the week by yourself, in contrast to publishing several posts in one day while being assisted by an entire team. Create a content plan in Content Office quick and simple: write down ideas for posts, set time and date of publication to see the whole picture of the publishing schedule for posts, and publish the post manually when you get the notification. 


You can publish your most useful successful posts that gathered many favorites, likes, and thanks again. Publish an informational post if you have something to add to the topic. You can also publish opinion posts again if your point of view has changed. If you wrote a very successful post that sells, one that produced a great effect, you can publish it again after a few months. With just one click you can re-use a post that’s already been published back to the content plan to publish it again: open ‹Office› → ‹Archive› → ‹Published› → ‹Select› → ‹Restore›. There you go!