Instagram Guide for Beginners

That time when it was enough to register an account, give contacts and upload product photos to attract an audience is long gone. Today, the competition on Instagram is high, but anyway, everyone has a chance to find their audience, and to be able to compete at such a level, one has to be thoroughly prepared. 


Create your account on Instagram. Get a nickname, one that would represent your activity. It should be short – two words max, separated by comma or an underscore. Don’t use numbers or complicated words or a set of letters.


Protect your account from being hacked. Create a strong password that includes numbers, special characters, and letters, both upper and lower case. Bind your account to your current phone number and e-mail address. Don’t use and share this e-mail address for communication purposes to protect yourself from scammers. Use two-factor authentication.


The reason why many Instagram accounts don’t see growth for years is the lack of clearly set goals. Give it a thought: what do you need an Instagram account for? Perhaps you want to sell your services, attract participants for your training sessions, make money selling ad spaces, or increase brand awareness through the personality of its owner. The kind of content you need to produce, methods to be used in promotion, and many other things depend on the goals you want to achieve with your account.


Switch your Instagram to Business account so that you are able to view the statistics and audiences for a post, and also to get the ability to launch advertisements from the Instagram app or the Ads Manager on Facebook. Connect your Instagram business account to the Content Office app to monitor the statistics for each post. See the summary of the whole picture in the ‹Plan› mode so that you do not leave a single comment without an answer and to know exactly what posts did your audience like the most.


Fill the information in your profile so that it represents your niche, values, and benefits for the client. This is the first thing a potential follower or client will see when he opens your page. In Content Office, you can create several designs for your profile’s bio right away: compose a text, add linebreaks, emojies, and also use special characters.


Visually plan your Instagram so your profile design is easily recognizable. The good news is that it has never been easier to create a cohesive style for Instagram. Now in Content Office, you can design all sections on Instagram at once - feed design, main profile photo, bio profile, Highlights covers, stories, and the Reels tab. 


It’s possible to run a blog without a content-plan but it would be very ineffective to do so. Start creating a content-plan for a month or a week. Write down the ideas for posts or Stories that suddenly come to your mind right in the app, create a publishing schedule and indicate the status of a post: to do, in progress, revision, complete.


Think about what you are going to write. Work out your own individual way of presenting so that the style of your texts can be easily recognized. Audience reach and engagement depend on the quality of your text. Don’t forget to make it easily readable: separate into paragraphs and add some pretty-looking symbols.


Create a promotion strategy. Consider who do you need to attract and where do you need to attract them from to sell your product or accomplish other goals for your profile. What methods are you going to use to promote it? Don’t forget to read and study the promotion strategy guides that are made available: open a tab: ‹Guide› → Category ‹Strategies›.


Plan your promotion budget well ahead because Instagram accounts see almost no natural growth these days, that is, without an investment. You can start promoting it with the smallest amount and soon you will break-even.