How to Visually Plan Your Instagram Feed

A visual style on Instagram is an essential tool for successful profile promotion. Sometimes design can visually say much louder and emotionally than words can. By designing Instagram, you can engage new followers and make Instagram well known. Moreover, a cohesive style on Instagram is not only a beautiful feed but also a balanced combination of the main profile photo, bio, and Highlights covers. This is where the Content Office app comes to help. Let's look at how to design an Instagram feed quickly. 


Change your Instagram feed in minutes - choose in one click a ready-to-copy grid pattern from our collection: tiles, zigzag, diagonal, and more. Open ‹Grid› → Click +→ Grid Pattern. 


Instagram profile design, as well as a behavior or appearance of a person, can be very special. This cohesive style will help your audience remember you at first sight. Upload branded-style images and videos for multiple posts at once, quickly replace covers with new ones, and arrange post's covers in such a way on a feed that will make them look like a perfect combination: Select multiple posts → Edit → Replace.


Make the visual feed aesthetic in one go - drag & drop, or quickly swap two posts, double-tap one and tap a file you want to change. To move multiple posts, double-click on posts, then tap between posts where you want to move. 


Visually plan Carousel's photo & video order in one click. Select a Carousel and rearrange photos & videos order: Select a Carousel → Edit → Reorder → Reorder photos and videos, upload new photos/videos, or replace them with a new one. Moreover, you can merge several posts in a feed into Carousel: Select multiple posts → More → Merge


How do you distinguish mint bubble gum from an orange one? Correct! By color. Let colors help your audience visually recognize your posts in their feeds easily – adjust the color correction of photos and videos, apply filters, and add graphics and fonts. Select multiple feed posts → Edit →  Adjust. 


Visual caption on an image allows you to highlight the necessary information and explain how you can be helpful to your followers so they can quickly use the content in your profile. A font gives letters a character and emotions. Letters can be feminine, like an evening dress, and they can dance or laugh, be happy, and scream like a child. Add visually caption to cover: Select multiple feed posts → Edit →  Adjust → Text.


Generate post covers from a set of ready-to-copy graphic elements - play with the arrangement of graphics, size, composition, color, and background: Select multiple posts → Edit →  Adjust → Graphics.


Save time planning your feed by copying posts images or clearing posts from covers. Tap the ‹Select› icon → Select multiple posts → More → Tap ‹Copy› → Image → Insert covers for other posts or a new one. If you want to clear a post from the cover, select the posts and click ‹Clear›.


Using Content Office, you can set up automatic publication of posts, Carousels, Stories and Reels on Instagram. Auto-posting with Content Office is officially approved by Instagram and complies with Instagram rules and policies. To schedule an automatic posting, you should prepare a post/carousel following the requirements: Open a post → Schedule → Date & Time  → Tap the icon ‹Information› next to Autoposting to see more details.