How to Visually Plan Your Instagram Feed

The visual design of your Instagram profile can, without any words, reflect the concept of your project and the level of quality of your service/product. It’s not enough to just produce high-quality photographs for your profile to look like a perfect harmony. Every single detail, even the smallest one is important when creating a visual style along with the ability to put it all together the right way. This is where the Content Office app comes to help. Let’s analyze things that you need to consider to create your visual style.


Visually tell your followers what you can offer to them, how your profile can be of benefit to them. Use the Content Office app to see what your visual feed is going to look like and to arrange photos in such a way that will make them look like a perfect combination.


Play with post order in the Grid tab. Arrange your posts in a diagonal or zigzag pattern, and alternate with vertical and horizontal rows. You can stick to the chess order and you can also create an endless feed or set the desired amount of spacing between photographs.


Upload new images/videos to the grid or add photo covers to posts that are already scheduled. Drag & Drop pictures to the desired spot, replace one with another to find a better combination. If you don’t have the visual content ready for a post yet, don’t set the planning process aside for later – temporarily add your post without a cover instead. Files that have already been published to Instagram cannot be moved or rearranged.


How do you distinguish a mint bubble gum from an orange one? Correct! By color. Color – is one of the most effective visual tools. Let the colors help your audience recognize your posts in their feeds easily – use signature colors of your project in the design.


Font gives letters a character and emotions. Letters can be feminine, like an evening dress, and they can dance or laugh, be happy, and scream like a child. Caption on an image allows you to highlight the important information so that your readers can quickly use the content in your profile.


In profile design, just like in the behavior or appearance of a person, there can be something special about it. It’s the cohesive style that will help your audience remember you at first sight. The easiest way to find a style of your own is to train your visual taste and try to imitate the works of other people and put them into practice. During this process, you will have that urge to add things of your own, to do something different to the original. Read and study the examples on how to create a universal style in ‹Guides› → ‹Visual›, to get inspiration and find your own individual style.