How Often Should You Publish Posts and Stories

Back in the day, when Instagram was a new platform, SMMs were recommending to publish 4 posts a day. Readers had enough time to view it all because there were not many bloggers or brands that were using the platform. In today’s world, you don’t need to publish such a large amount of content. Your followers just won’t be able to view it all. Let’s take a closer look at how frequently should you publish your posts and stories.


In 2020, there shouldn’t be a race after content quantity. Put the emphasis on content quality. It’s better to write one good text that will sell than to publish 5 pictures wishing your viewers a good day. When you create content for posts, have the goals that you set for your profile in mind. What do you write your posts and upload photographs/videos for? What result do you want to achieve with it? How this post is going to help you achieve the goals you’ve set?


Do not abandon your account for weeks and months. Publish regularly, even if it’s going to be just 2 posts a week but do it at the same frequency of 3-4 days. So, not like when you post for 2 days straight and then remain quiet for a week. Your absence equals a drop in your account’s reach. You return after the break but many of your followers don’t see your posts. Instagram’s algorithms arrange users’ feed based on their activity in the past few days. The more actively a person interacts with posts of a particular account, the higher the posts of that account will be in the user’s feed. And the other way around. The more time has passed since the last interaction, the lower the post will be in the feed.


The amount of publications in a week depends on what goals you want to achieve. If you need to sell regularly or attract a lot of new audience, publish one post per day. If you’re currently busy with work and don’t sell at the moment, lower the number of your posts to 2-3 a week to maintain your account’s reach.


Determine that specific time when your posts get the most likes, comments, and favorites. Test it. One day publish a post at 9 in the morning, the next day post at 1 p.m., and the day after post at 5 p.m. Repeat your tests, experiment with it to watch the trend, and help us find the ideal time for you to publish a post. When you’re going to set up a reminder for publishing a post, the Content Office app will suggest the best time for publishing. It’s calculated based on the data from all the previous posts you published from within the app.


Make Stories every day. It’s better to publish 5-10 Stories a day at equal time intervals between them to reach as much audience as possible. Add ideas for Stories, create a content plan, set up a schedule, and prepare in advance all the captions, photos, or videos for publishing.